Sanatorium treatment of respiratory tract disorders and their prophylaxis, including chronic bronchitis treatment, are carried out by a variety of different methods. Drug therapy and inhalations are essential conditions for recovery, however these days most doctors agree that contact with the appropriate environment is simply necessary if you want to make the most out the prophylaxis, rehabilitation and treatment.

For example, chronic bronchitis treatment in adults at “Plissa” health resort is carried out effectively with the help of our “Easy breathing” wellness program with a minimum stay of 14 days. During the respiratory system treatment as indicated in this program, we fulfill the following tasks with regard to the patient: enhancement and activation of the organism immunodefences, overall body resistance improvement, implementation of exercises and procedures aimed at respiratory muscles enhancement, as well as the improvement of the joint mobility in costovertebral and joint areas using the body posture correction, the microcirculation stimulation to improve the cardiovascular system tonus and the exercise stress tolerance improvement, which in combination makes up the sanatorium bronchitis treatment complex.