Discirculatory encephalopathy

The term discirculatory encephalopathy stands for a complex of brain abnormalities that can lead to many critical brain tissue deformities with tragic consequences.

The implied treatment for discirculatory encephalopathy includes a large array of various therapeutic techniques (drug therapy or medication administration for pressure relief, as well as physical and psychiatric therapy). All of the activities maintain the health status of the brain and don’t allow the disease to progress.

In addition to that, exercise therapy, proper diet and health monitoring performed by as many experts of various specialties as possible are also proven to be effective. Among other procedures are mud baths, laser therapy, regular walking tours and more. The patient's mood plays an important role in his treatment. The patient’s psychological state also plays a rather big role in his rehabilitation.

Discirculatory encephalopathy diagnostics is a procedure that should be performed once even minimal suspicions arise, such as dismal depression, increased fatigue, decrease in brain activity, vertigo, soreness.

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