Osteoarthritis and other joint diseases are accompanied by blood circulation and metabolism disorder in the vertebrae or other key nodes of the human skeleton. Pay attention: if your knee- or hip joint bothers you, the specialized sanatorium is a must for you.

At an early stage, the diseases’ symptoms include debilitation, tissues weakening and flexibility loss. This has to do with the fact that these disorders have similar clinical course, and during their progression the ability of the skeleton to manage the stress load is decreasing. Besides that, arthronosos can lead to the most undesirable effects, including rachiocampsis and mobility defects.

To prevent the occurrence and development of osteochondrosis, you must try to lead a mobile lifestyle, keep physical activity within reasonable limits, watch your body posture and stick to a healthy diet. However, if you are already experiencing this ailment anyway, we are glad to offer “Plissa” health resort osteoarthrosis treatment program. Here the treatment will be held under the specialists’ supervision, which practically guarantees a speedy recovery. Joint diseases treatment at Belarusian sanatoriums is performed at different levels. As a sanatorium specialized in joint arthrosis treatment, “Plissa” has all the necessary equipment and qualified specialists to help guests suffering from this disorder.

In our sanatorium gonarthrosis is diagnosed and treated by physicians and other specialists using various modern equipment for physical and hydrotherapy, as well as massages, mud therapy and moderate physical activity. “Plissa” isn’t considered a joint diseases treatment health resort for nothing. The positive effect of the treatment is associated with the thorough diagnosis and implementation of doctor-recommended therapeutic complexes, supported by natural factors and relaxing vacation.