Pancreatitis is one of the most common diseases of the pancreas. The problem lies in it’s glandular obstruction that prevents correct secretion and normal circulation of hormones and enzymes in the body. With pancreatitis the enzymes that are meant to take part in the process of digestion are partially congested inside the gland which bears a negative effect on the pancreas itself and on it’s gland ducts. According to statistics, pancreatitis treatment in adults, remains a common topic, relevant to almost a quarter of female and the eights of male population.

Chronic pancreatitis is characterized by the same complex of symptoms the acute form establishes, except they are milder and dulled and have a longer duration of manifestation. Such secondary gastrointestinal tract disorders as flatulence, cholecystitis and others have negative effect on the pancreatitis treatment. In such cases it is essential to select adequate treatment for pancreatitis as soon as possible to avoid the critical disease progression. A vacation at a health resort for pancreatitis treatment would be a great option. Here you’ll be in the hands of professional doctors and will be sure your stay here is beneficial for your health.

The experts from “Plissa” sanatorium-and-spa resort will select an effective diet and set of analysis and procedures for you, in other words, a fast and effective pancreatitis treatment and diet for you to follow long-term to eliminate the disease.