Digestive tract disorders

Digestive tract includes organs directly responsible for the digestion, namely: the stomach and the intestinal tract, the pancreas and gall bladder, the liver and others. The list of these organs’ most common diseases, accompanied by not the most pleasant symptoms, and leading to more serious and dangerous diseases in the absence of treatment, starts with colitis and pancreatitis, and ends with cholecystitis and gastritis, and it’s sanatorium treatment often is quicker and more effective than regular drug therapy.

Gastrointestinal tract disorders treatment in the sanatorium of ours provides all of the necessary therapeutic resources: medical specialists, a complex of physiotherapeutic and other therapeutic activities, an adequate and balanced diet, as well as a great opportunity for rest and relaxation amidst the magnificent nature. Furthermore, the treatment of gastrointestinal tract diseases in the sanatorium will be performed under the supervision of our staff and according to all recommendations and requirements.

“Plissa” health resort is located near mineral springs, and their water is used here for medicinal purposes, which can’t but have a positive effect on your digestive tract status. Thus, the sanatorium for gastrointestinal tract disorders treatment is your best option if you’re looking for the fastest and most effective treatment method. And even better option would be to choose a preventive visit to the sanatorium, as prevention and treatment of chronic gastritis are two very different concepts.